Collective Bargaining Agreement between the
San Francisco Community College District and the
American Federation of Teachers Local 2121

October 22, 2009 – June 30, 2012
Amended July 28, 2011

Table of Contents

1st Amendment ratified September 2010

March 2012 Concessions Sideletter/Agreement

ARTICLE 1 - Duration, Bargaining Unit, Reopeners

ARTICLE 2 - Effect of Agreement

ARTICLE 3 - Past Practices

ARTICLE 4 - Separability and Savings

ARTICLE 5 - Non-Discrimination

ARTICLE 6 - Management Rights

ARTICLE 7 - Union Rights

A. No Reprisals
B. Negotiations with Other Organizations
C. Union Dues and Agency Fee Deductions
D. Meetings and Use of Facilities
E. Equipment Usage
F. Bulletin Boards/Mailboxes for Communicating with Members
G. Parking Permits
H. Released Time
I. Union Leaves
J. Information to the Union
K. Union Information Packet
L. Copies of Agreement
M. Union/Management Consultation

ARTICLE 8 - Academic Freedom, Duties, and Resposibilities

A. General Principles
B. Faculty Responsibilities Under District Policies, Rules, and Regulations
C. Academic Freedom
D. Faculty-Student Relationships
E. Information to Students
F. Textbook Selection
G. Selection of Library Materials
H. Improper Influence
I. Conflict of Interest
J. Tutoring
K. Determination of Grades
L. Student Records
M. Grades/Census Sheets/PARS
N. Eavesdropping & Monitoring
O. Public Forums
P. Illegal Drugs and Alcohol
Q. Field Trips

ARTICLE 9 - Evaluation

A. General Provisions
B. Faculty Undergoing Management-Initiated Evaluation
C. Regular Full-time Tenured Faculty
D. Probationary Faculty Undergoing Tenure Review
E. Temporary Part-Time Evaluation
F. Categorical Employees
G. Full-time Temporary Faculty (Long-Term Substitute)

ARTICLE 10 - Disciplinary Action

ARTICLE 11 - Personnel Files

D. Student Complaints

ARTICLE 12 - Upgrading

ARTICLE 13 - Assignment and Scheduling

A. Pre-Assignment
B. Assignment
C. Reassignment

ARTICLE 13-1 - Part Time Reemployment Preference

A. Reemployment Preference
B. Definitions
C. Overload
D. Grievance Procedure
E. Remedy
F. Exceptions
G. Family Medical Leave Absences
H. Break in Service
I. Recall

ARTICLE 14 - Transfer

ARTICLE 15 - Resignation

ARTICLE 16 - Work Environment

ARTICLE 17 - Leaves

A. General Provisions
B. Unpaid Leave
C. Sick Leave
D. Partially Paid Sick Leave
E. Voluntary Sick Leave Bank (VSLB)
F. Personal Emergency/Necessity Leave
G. Pregency Disability Leave (PDL)
H. Family Medical Leave
I. Industrial Accident and Illness Leave
J. Bereavement Leave
K. Jury Duty/Witness Leave
L. Sabbatical Leave - Full-time Tenured Unit Members
M. Professional Growth Leave
N. Partial Load Leave

O. Pre-Retirement Workload Reduction
P. Military Service Leave
Q. Exchange Leave
R. Legislative Leave
S. Post Retirement Consultancy Contracts

ARTICLE 18 - Load and Class Size

B. Minimum Class Size
C. Size Factor for Credit Lectures
D. Professional Ancillary Activities
E. Full Time Equivalent Definition (STRS)
F. ESL Composition Classes
G. Schedule Deviations
H. Class Cancellation

ARTICLE 19 - Calendar

A. Instructional and Special Calendars
B. Special Calendars for Counselors, Apprenticeship Programs
E. Counseling Calendar
F. Commencement Exercises
G. Intersession
H. Instructional Time
I. Compressed Calendar Pilot Program

ARTICLE 20 - Compensation/Salaries

A. Compensation
Part-time Office Hours
B. Initial Placement on the Salary Schedule
C. Salary Step Movement for All Faculty
D. Salary Column Movement in All Disciplines
E. Personal Automobile – Reimbursement
F. Parking Reimbursement
G. Extra Coaching Assignments
H. SFERS Retirement Pickup
I. Electronic Payroll
J. Fingerprinting

ARTICLE 21 - Fringe Benefits

A. Full-time Employees
B. Part-Time Employees
C. Dental - Retirees
D. Insurance Committee
E. Pool Access
F. Retiree Health Benefits
G. CalSTRS Contribution Increase

ARTICLE 22 - Grievance Procedure

A. Purpose
B. Definitions
C. Time Limits
D. Other Provisions
E. Procedural Steps
F. Tenure Review Grievances

ARTICLE 23 - Part-time Faculty Employment Contracts

ARTICLE 24 - No-strike

ARTICLE 25 - Categorical Employees

A. Terms and Conditions
B. Personnel Files
C. Applicable CBA Provisions
E. Evaluation
F. Sick Leave
G Compensaton
H. Fringe Benefits

ARTICLE 26 - Full-time Temporary Employees/ Long-Term Substitutes (LTS)

ARTICLE 27 - Summer Session

ARTICLE 28 - Day-to-Day Substitutes (Applicable Provisions)

ARTICLE 29 - Retired Faculty Re-Employed as Faculty

ARTICLE 30 - Intellectual Property

A. Purpose and Scope
B. Copyright Definitions
C. Copyright Ownership
D. AFT’s Role in Intellectual Property Rights Negotiations
E. Copyright Registration
F. Royalties and Distribution Rights
G. Distance Education

Side Letter Between SFCCD and AFT Local 2121 re Privacy

Policy Proposal for Electronic Communication and Information Technology

Side Letter Between SFCCD and AFT Local 2121 re Part-Time Faculty Matters

Side Letter Between SFCCD and AFT Local 2121 re Salary Overpayment Procedure Deceased Faculty

Side Letter Between SFCCD and AFT Local 2121 (Regarding Article 12)

Side Letter Regarding Article 17.B, Unpaid Leave, Section 2, Part-time Unit Members

Side Letter re Tenure Review Committees

Side Letter Between SFCCD and AFT Local 2121 re SDI Election for Temporary Employees

Side Letter Between SFCCD and AFT Local 2121 re Part-time Faculty Access to Retiree Medical

Contract Exhibits

EXHIBIT A-1-a - Day Instructional Calendar, 2009-2010 Academic Year

EXHIBIT A-1-b - Evening/Weekend Instructional Calendar, 2009-2010 Academic Year

EXHIBIT B - Current Full-time Salary Scale

EXHIBIT C thru C8 - Current Pro-rata Salary Scales

EXHIBIT D - Evaluation Forms

EXHIBIT E - Statement of Grievance

EXHIBIT E1 - Tenure Review, Statement of Grievance

EXHIBIT E2 - Reemployment Preference Grievance Form

EXHIBIT F - Signature Page

EXHIBIT G - Departmental Guidelines for Tenure Evaluation

EXHIBIT H - Self Evaluation Guidelines (Tenure Review)

EXHIBIT J - Peer-management Evaluation Form (Tenure Review)

EXHIBIT K - Early Tenure Review

EXHIBIT L - Professional Developement Plan

EXHIBIT M - Student Complaints

EXHIBIT N - Application & Agreement RE Substantial use of District Resources in the Creation of Intellectual Property

EXHIBIT O - Agreement RE Development/Teaching of Distance Education Classes

EXHIBIT P - Review of 2006-2007 Fund 11 Revenues Available for New AFT 2121 Compensation Items and
Review of 2006-2007 Fund 11 Revenues Available for AFT 2121 Compensation Items Based Upon 2006-2007 Audit Report

EXHIBIT Q - Initial Estimates of 2007-2008 Fund 11 Revenues Available for New AFT 2121 Compensation Items,
Review of 2007-2008 Fund 11 Revenues, Review of 2007-2008 Fund 11 Revenues Available for AFT 2121 Compensation Items

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